Hall tents examples

Exhibition facilities

Modern tent halls can be used for any type of event, fairs, exhibitions, or conferences. They are great alternative to permanent constructions. Can be used as seasonal objects (restaurants, commercial pavilions), temporary warehouses, production facilities, or garages. Our company guarantees you a short production and assemblying leadtime within whole Europe.

Garage halls

In the FourTech offer you will find tent halls for cars and trucks garages. Each order is carried out individually – according to the dimensions and materials selected by the Customer.

Agricultural halls

Tent halls for agriculture are an aletrnative solution to traditional buildings. Thanks to their lightness and easy assembly, they can be moved to another location. They are ideal for storing agricultural machinery and products, or perfect for animal husbandry. A tent hall, unlike a steel structure hall, is characterized with low purchase and operating costs.

Mountage halls

Tent halls can be used as mountage halls. Our company has modern machine park, which guarantee accuracy and quality of the final product. Solid construction will protect goods from the weather conditions, being the best shelter during the whole year.

Production halls

The tent halls offered by our company can be used as the production facilities. We have special system of strengthening the side walls. By mounting proper heating system, production halls can become a year-round objects. Special roof air-heating system protects construction from snow burden.

Service halls

The tent halls construction materials depend on the purpose of use. Besides of the most common PVC roof and trapezoidal metal sheet walls, we can construct the sides walls from a “sandwich” polyurethane, multilayer panels. Such wall combination with a pneumatic roof is 100% working substitute for expensive concrete buildings. The object ensures proper working conditions throughout the year. Qualified staff will help in choosing the right parameters of the hall, adequately to existing needs.

Aerial hangars

Large usable area, lightness of construction, high resistance to weather conditions – these are some of the many advantages of tent halls. They are perfect as hangars for storing and repairing airplanes, or helicopters. These halls are easy to assemble and disassemble. Solid construction guarantees durability for many years.

Agriculture products storage

Durability and attractive prices of tent halls made that products to be one of the most common solutions used for storing agriculture products. We construct the roof and walls using special materials with non-flammable and fire-resistant certificates.

Sport field covers

Tent halls are ideal for the sport fields protection. They can be placed around the ice, soccer, or tennis field, so the players and the audience can avoid the negative weather conditions. We can mount them seasonally, or when it’s necessary move to another place.

Banquet and wedding halls

Tent halls from 4Tech company are ideal facilities, where special events can take place. Having additional equipment, they can be used as wedding, banquet, conference, or concert halls. Quick assembly and disassembly allows to choose versatile location of the hall.

Outdoor events canopies

Tent halls are mounted to the existing ground (asphalt, bricks, concrete). This allows to place them in many locations. Unevenness of the terrain can be leveled by adjustable poles. An additional advantage is the lack of requirements for getting a building permit – that applies to the most of the tent halls projects.

Carpentry halls

In the wood industry it’s very important to keep stable storing conditions (humidity, temperature). There is no space for steam condensation, or high evaporation caused by the temperature differences. We eliminated that problems using innovative air conditioning system. The roof is made of double layered tarpaulin, spread between special aluminum profiles. Between the layers we distribute heated air using the system of pumps.

Logistic halls

Tent halls are perfect solution recommended for transport companies. Qualified engineers will provide comprehensive service at every stage of the investment. Our clients have the ability to modify the order at the design stage, can choose the color, material, or the roof type.

Shopping halls

The versatility of tent halls allows them to work as commercial halls. The construction is naturally made of modules, so we can easily prepare some repeatable boxes, or pavilions inside. We can also freely enlarge the whole construction connecting existing modules with the new ones.

Warehouse halls

Our company is specialized in the production of storage tent halls. Thanks to the high quality of finishing, all expectations of Clients are met. We can install cooling or heating systems that ensure stable temperature inside. That allows us to store food products.

Horse riding canopies

Tent halls are better alternative to traditional concrete buildings. The shape and construction of the hall enable safe workouts. They provide very good conditions for animals. Elements of the tent’s hall construction do not affect internal surface, so the usable space can be effectively managed.

Reloading halls

In the wide offer of 4Tech , you can find reloading tent halls. The cost is relatively small. There are no extra internal pillars, so the whole space inside can be used as a storage, or packages sorting point. We can supply our clients with the unique internal steal constructions predicted for the high storage, or even arrange an extra surface/space – building some mezzanines.