Aluminum pergolas

They are often used in the garden, or on the terrace. Aluminum pergolas are innovative, simple, practical and at the same time, exceptionally elegant constructions. They provide excellent roofing and protection from sunlight – giving a little shade appreciated by people who value outdoor activities during hot days. Such constructions will work as shelters against strong solar radiation, in the the backyard sandpit, or jacuzzi.


Modern aluminum pergolas are distinguished not only by its exceptional functionality, solidity of performance and durability. It is also a unique aesthetic value, thanks to which these constructions perfectly match any terrace, patio or garden. Aluminum pergolas can be mounted at the facade of the building, or as free-standing constructions. More technologically advanced models have full-automatic roof control system.

Project execution

The constructions are very easy to assemble. We are able to produce modern pergolas in many shapes, heights or colors. Aluminum structures are covered with additional layers, which ensures effective protection against corrosion, weather conditions and mechanical damage. We put all efforts to deliver our products 100% common with the individual expectations of our Customers.