Permits for the warehouse construction

Before we start building a warehouse, it is necessary to obtain permits required by the law. The type and number of permits depends on the purpose of the hall. In case of a facility used up to 120 days, no building permit will be required – only notification to the appropriate authority. After 120 days the hall must be disassembled, or moved to another place. If the hall will be a long-term solution, it’s necessary to obtain a building permit – proper application should be submitted to the architecture department of the local authorities.

Zdobycie pozwolenia na budowę uzależnione jest od takich czynników jak:

  • decision on building and land development conditions – in order to obtain it, an appropriate application should be submitted including information of the building size, intended use, technical conditions of existing instalations
  • full-branch building project – it takes into account the concept of land development, architectural design of the hall, the construction of electrical and sanitary installations, the plan of roads around construction, etc.