Sliding and folding systems

The original idea for finishing houses and public buildings are sliding systems and folding systems. They work in restaurants, hotels, shops and family houses. They are ideal for the installation of terraces, orangeries or winter gardens.

For whom?

Sliding systems are dedicated to places with limited space. They do not occupy additional space after opening – so they are popular in modern constructions. Folding systems require more space. The door leaves are opened laterally (or one side – depending on the model) inside or outside the building. With 4Tech you can choose the most suitable for you way of the opening.


Presented systems provide a thermal and acoustic barrier, being perfect decoration of the construction. The glazing looks great, gives the building some unique character, and provides natural interior lighting. They enlarge optically the interior.


The doors are made of solid, durable materials, which provides them with excellent resistance to mechanical damage and the impact of weather conditions. Thanks to this, they will serve you for years, maintaining the perfect look and properties.

We provide a wide range of products fitting to expectations of our customers, the type of construction, as well as the available space. Sliding and folding doors have personalized shapes and sizes. 4Tech is taking into account individual wishes and the conditions of the place where products need to be installed.