Steel constructions

We produce universal and functional steel constructions. 4Tech can proceed with demanding orders and don’t limit the offer to a specific number of products.

Below is an example list of finalized pojects:

  • stairs,

  • balustrades,

  • canopies,

  • mezzanines,

  • steel sheds,

  • shelters,

  • winter gardens.

We direct our offer to private clients, as well as companies from many industries. It contains the project, construction and it’s assembly. All our products are made of steel or aluminum, PVC materials, metal sheets and multilayer plates.

We guarantee the high quality of finishing, which is done by a professional 4Tech team. We use advanced production technologies having experienced engineers.

Guarantee of 4Tech steel constructions quality

4Tech projects meet expectations of investors and architects in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Steel materials are galvanized (covered with zink) which guarantees excellent rust protection for steel structures exposed to wind and rain. The zinc coating process is proven solution working for many years.