Aluminum joinery

4Tech produces modern aluminum joinery characteried with great versatility. It’s possible to create window and door systems of various shapes and sizes. To choose the right system, it’s necessary to know requirements regarding functionality and aesthetics, as well as aspects of insulation, tightness, protection against burglary, or high temperatures.

Among aluminum joinery, the most common are modern doors and windows. They are a much better alternative to wooden or PVC models. They have advantage among aesthetic, slender design, much greater resistance to damage and weather conditions. In combination with suitable insulation materials, they also have much better insulating parameters, and are often used in passive buildings constructions.

Another advantage is also the fact that aluminum is extremely susceptible material for forming and processing. We can create constructions even with the most sophisticated shapes. They are also suitable for covering with any color from the RAL palette. The above features open extremely wide configuration possibilities.

As a result, the windows and doors proposed by 4Tech company are perfect for many buildings. We recommend them both for modern office buildings, as well as company headquarters, production facilities and private homes.

The above goods are the most popular products.

Despite of them, wide range of 4Tech offer includes:

  • winter Gardens

  • functional and elegant facades

  • modern aluminum pergolas systems

  • rolling and folding systems

Thanks to the use of modern, lightweight and at the same time solid profiles, it’s possible to achieve an excellent price/quality ratio of the proposed systems, maintaining reliability and durability of the projects. We ensure our aluminum joinery quality, project execution and professional assembly. We also serve with our knowledge and experience, advising within more complicated projects.

Many years of experience, know-how and technological facilities allow us to proceed with the most unusual jobs. Modern aluminum joinery is our specialty. If you want to install professional doors and windows at home, build a winter garden or install an elegant facade, you should contact us today. We offer full help and will answer any questions regarding cooperation with 4Tech.