Aluminum facades

They are used in all kinds of constructions: shopping malls, office buildings, recreation and sports centers, banks, offices, car dealerships and residential buildings. Aluminum facades are a perfect combination of exceptional functionality and aesthetic values. They allow to use innovative architectural solutions giving the buildings prestige, elegance and modern look. It’s worth to mention possibility of opening the building outside, which is quite important in the case of public facilities. Such constructions definitely attracts customers to visit us. This solution is often used in glazed objects, providing excellent, natural internal lighting.


The proposed solutions are also a way to increase the thermal insulation of the building, guarantee solid finishing and resistance to weather conditions and mechanical damage. Aluminum facades allow to reduce the noise coming from outside, which is particularly important in the case of buildings located in the city center, or near a busy street.


As a manufacturer of aluminum facades, we provide a wide range of models, which will allow you to fulfil individual needs and expectations within shape, purpose and technical parameters. They work great in the wall constructions and canopies.