PVC windows / investment for the future

Over 70 percent of all windows assembled in Poland are plastic windows made of PVC. Such a large popularity of PVC windows profiles is caused by very good energy efficiency parameters, better and better quality, wide selection of colors and designs, durability and ease of maintenance.

In the past, two or three decades ago, it was believed that plastic windows (PVC windows) were worse than wooden because of poor quality. Today, we know that technological progress has made PVC one of the most versatile and future-proof materials. None of the other raw materials have such excellent properties, allowing a wide range of applications, from the food industry to the construction sector.

Windows made with the PVC profiles are much more ecological than other solutions. First of all, they can be 100% recycled. Their processing is a clean process that does not affect the natural environment too much. PVC window profiles don’t decrease natural resources of our planet’s raw materials. Taking into account high insulating properties, durability and relatively low manufacturing costs, they are the most optimal solutions available on the market.

PVC Inoutic Joinery presented in our windows systems, offer a wide range of benefits. Not only from an ecological point of view, but also in the field of architectural design and economic efficiency. Plastic windows (PVC) provide effective protection against cold, heavy weather conditions and noise. They are very easy to clean and do not require any special maintenance. Inoutic / Deceuninck is a global leader in the production of innovative building systems for windows, doors, facades and terraces. For over 75 years, has been creating new technologies that guarantee more and more comfortable and functional solutions in constructions and architecture. Today, the Deceuninck Group operates in 25 countries around the world, employs over 2,800 people and control every stage of production – from the process of creating a mixture of durable raw materials to the final product. The highest quality of windows and terraces profiles was awarded and appreciated in the construction industry. The company received the title of Construction Company of the Year 2011, Top Builder 2011 with products Eforte, Prestige 96mm and Twinson Terrace, or Golden Pillar of Building – award for Eforte products.