Steel sheds

In places where we need solid protection of stocks, or for a car – we support Clients with our steel shelters. Our company produce such constructions of any length, in a short time. As a standard, the width is up to 12 meters.

Depending on the client’s needs, we can make constructions fully covered, as well as without walls (especially in the case of agricultural bales storages).

Steel sheds are great for:

  • storage of materials that should be protected against rain and snow

  • cars garages, agricultural machinery and equipment shelters

  • roofs for bus stops, bus or train stations

  • goods exchanging points and all other places where the wall expenses are not necessary

We offer you full investment service, design and steel conruction, mountage and after sale care. Final shape depends on the Customer needs and the shed location.

We offer a wide range of roofs covers:

  • PVC – extremely light covering. The advantage of PVC panels is any shape of the roof, wide range of available colors and textures, transparency. It’s recommended for  small size of sheds.

  • Trapezoidal metal sheet – traditional, economical cover. A wide range of sizes and applications of trapezoidal metal sheet is available on the market. Low profile metal sheet is a traditional and very economical material. The high profile metal sheet is recommended for covering larger surfaces due to the high strength of the material.

The construction is individually matched with the customer’s needs. The roof can be a single, or double-sloped. We focus on the strength, reliability and quality of each project.

We guarantee the high quality of constructions, ensured by qualified team of employees and the use of advanced production technologies. Experienced engineers will provide an expert advice at every stage of the investment.