Steel halls

Steel halls are all-year objects with a light structure made of steel profiles. Thanks to durable materials and a special modular building methods, construction time is extremely short. At the same time, they can be successfully used for many years.

The only guarantee of having a solid construction is the selection of experienced company that employs specialists in that field. 4Tech ensures fast execution of orders, adjusting necessary  installations, durable and resistant to weather conditions.

As a manufacturer of steel halls, we offer professional advice at every stage of the project. We help in the selection of technical solutions during design, as well as in the choice of materials. Basing on customer’s preferences and the purposes of hall, we carry out a detailed project, and after its acceptance, we proceed with construction keeping all agreed dates.

We produce objects of any size and location. We construct them with materials of the highest strength, such as sandwich panels, trapezoidal metal sheets, or wall cassettes. Steel halls are multifunctional. They work as: warehouses, cooling facilities, production manufactures, or even sport centres.