Steel halls – mountage

The assembly of the steel hall is definitely faster and simpler than any brick, or concrete objects. Despite of that it requires professional team support. There is a need of the terrain preparation to deliver prefabricated elements and have proper space for the building machines. It may be necessary to use a crane or other machines – depending on the size of the hall. That’s why we offer complete service and can assemble the hall at its destination ourselves.

The carriage of a ready-made objects is usually impossible due to the dimensions. Therefore, we carefully prepare individual elements and combine them into larger parts that are later delivered to the destination point. It makes the work much easier and faster.

It is extremely important to maintain the right sequence of work. First, we connect frames, that are supporting other elements. Later we connect them with the roof profiles, reinforcing construction with additional connectors, metal bolts and steel ropes. Later we install the roof, walls and proceed with internal finishing.